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US 'exploiting Paris attacks' - An interview with Glenn Greenwald

'Fear is a weapon that governments use, and it's a very effective tool, to do irrational things, like invading Iraq' - Glenn Greenwald.
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"Whistleblowers are always accused of helping America's enemies", says Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald told FRANCE 24 that he is even surprised at how quick US officials have been, as he sees it, to exploit the Paris attacks to brand Snowden as an enabler of terrorists.

"This is government agencies who get tens of billions of dollars a year, huge amounts of spying power and they have one job - and that is to find people plotting terrorist attacks - and in this case they failed miserably. 129 people died in Paris as a result, and so they’re desperately looking for other people to blame for their own failures and blaming Edward Snowden is a really easy thing to do", he told FRANCE 24's Douglas Herbert.